Month: November 2018

Tips To Stay In Shape After Tremendous Weightloss

Have you recently shed weight after putting in tremendous and soulful efforts? Most of the women grumble that they have gained weight within six months though they have managed to drop a major amount of weight from their body. And some of them have dieted number of times and have lost track of what they have achieved each time. Here are a few tips that help you stay in shape after weight loss.

Vitamin D

Studies have proven that people who started their weight loss journey with higher levels of vitamin D were able to lose more weight than those who had lower levels of this nutrient. Another source says that vitamin D can trigger leptin, a hormone which signals the brain that you are full. It is hard to get vitamin D from food source.

Avoid temptations

When you set your mood to lose weight you must avoid temptations. There are chances that your friends call you for parties where you will be offered delicious deserts. If you successfully overcome the temptation you are on the right track. The Prodiets blog has a brief review on a diet program that helps dieters remain satiated between meals. People who are tensed, anxious and impulsive were found to be heavier than people who stay calm. Some go along with the rest of the people in the group and indulge in heavy consumption. If you want to stay in shape tell your friends strictly that you are not hungry.

Chew foods

When you eat quickly you consume more than you realize. If you slow down your pattern of eating you will certainly slim down. Take time to chew foods as chewing stimulates the appetite suppressing hormone in the gut.

Outsmart your appetite

If you have cravings for chocolate you can occasionally indulge in eating them but do not blame your cravings if you do not have the will power. The only trick to control your appetite is staying away from foods that make you lose control.

Zero Waste Wardrobe: A Complete Guide ToSecondhand Shopping

We talk about waste recycling in so many aspects. But we often forget that it could start from a very simple task – organizing and redesigning your wardrobe and its contents. This doesn’t mean that you should throw out all your clothes and buy new ones. It simply means that it is a good idea to follow minimalism. There are plenty of ways in which you can style an outfit with the basics. If you rummage through your closet, you are sure to find several clothes that you haven’t worn in months or even years. Recycling them would be the best thing to do. This would make your wardrobe look less cluttered and make it easy for you to find exactly what you want for each occasion. How do you recycle your clothes? Buying used clothes is a trend that is becoming very popular.

Resell and revamp your wardrobe

Find merchandise that is in good condition to be sold. By selling your old goods you would earn some cash which you can then use to buy other essentials for your collection.

Pick the right brands and labels

When you choose clothes or bags and other accessories, make sure that you pick the best quality products. This can be identified by the label. Designers are not all expensive. When you choose affordable designer clothes and bags, you can easily sell them. Finding used clothes and bags from designers would also be simple.

Pick the right place to buy and sell fashion

Whether it is to buy or sell clothes and fashion accessories, make sure that you choose a reliable marketplace for it. So you would get the best price when you sell and the best quality when you buy used products.

Used clothes can be given a new life with a few personalization elements. Visit for more inspiration.…

How to Safely Test Makeup Before You Buy – A Complete Guide

Buying makeup is not a joke. There are just way too many choices and one can never be too sure if they have chosen the right product.

Some of the reasons why it gets complicated to buy such items are:

  • The minor difference in shades that just makes it almost impossible to tell the difference
  • Same shades or similar products available in different brands at different price ranges
  • The lighting at the store you are buying from will be different from the lighting in your house. Thus causing a drastic change in the way the product looks on you at the store and at home.
  • Sealed packs that can be opened only after you buy them, making it impossible for you to return them, even if it is not the one for you.

So how do you ensure you try and test these products safely before spending on them? Look out for some tried and tested tips on Here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Clean Brushes – Ensure the brushes used to apply the products on your face are clean of grime or old makeup products. When the brush is not clean, it can not only affect the texture and color of the product but spread skin related infections too
  • Right Spot – Test the makeup product on the right spot on your skin. Different parts of the body have different skin textures and colors. Testing the product on that part of the skin that is very similar to where you will use the actual product, is the safest bet.
  • Trial Session – If there is a trial makeup session offered by the store, opt for it. This will enable you to see how the entire look will work out for you. More often than not, we use one product along with others. When you test just the one product, it may seem right but change the entire look when it is combined with others.

Bird Watching Equipment: How To Choose Binoculars

What are the best binoculars for one individual will not be for another because it boils down to comfort and preferences. Not only must the binoculars be comfortable to hold but it must be easy to use and focus. It must not strain the eyes or leave impressions on your face.

Here below are a few guidelines that might help you choose binoculars that will make bird watching a pleasure.

  1. What is your budget: Binoculars are available in all ranges and the most expensive is not necessarily the best or what you need. Decide a product based on the specific features you are looking for and then compare with other binoculars with the same features. Choose one closest to your budget because with technological advances even low-priced products are good and long lasting.
  2. Magnification: Depending on whether you have taken to bird watching only now or are a pro choose between 8X and 10X. the bigger the number the greater the distance that can be covered. The disadvantage with the 10X is that in low light the image is darker and even a minor handshake is visible. On the other hand, 8X the vision is brighter and it is easier to trace a bird.
  3. Choose clear pictures: Image quality must be a priority and cannot be overlooked. Look for sharp pictures that are true to their original colors. Ideally a good binocular must have an objective lens larger than 30mm.
  4. Comfort: You must choose a pair which can retract if you wear glasses or extend to give complete coverage. The eyecup must be adjustable and must sit comfortably on your nose without distressing your skin. If you see black rings around images then do not take that model.

NO two models will be the same hence you must try a few till you find one that is comfortable and within your budget with a good image quality and zoom. At you can read the review on various models before you go ahead and buy.…

Top 10 Secrets ForHealthier Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be made healthy using these tips below. Also, make sure that you check out gadget decision’s guide.

  • Make a list of items that you are going to prepare over the week. Then jot down the ingredients that you need to prepare those meals. Make a list of ingredients that you need to purchase at the grocery store.
  • Have a list handy of the essential items that you need to purchase at the store and make sure that you buy just that
  • Do not go shopping with an empty stomach because that will make you want to pick up on something to eat which mostly junk food
  • Stay away from the section of food items that is no interest to you. So do not even go near the racks that store chips and drinks
  • Read the ingredients of the item before you put them in the basket.
  • Try to stick to organic purchases because these are healthier to eat
  • Make sure that your list contains lots of fresh fruits and vegetables which is essential for healthy living
  • Make a rough estimate of the amount of money that you will need and then carry almost the exact change. Do refrain from spending using credit cards. This way you will not be tempted to buy anything extra
  • If you have kids at home them leave them back because kids generally tend to take you towards the junk section which tempts you to purchase the unhealthy food options
  • Be disciplined in your purchases. Read your weight loss and diet goals before you leave for the grocery This will make you feel guilty in case you even lay your eyes on unhealthy options

While shopping for grocery we tend to over shop and end up buying stuff that we do not need. The other big problem is when you tend to start shopping for food items that are unhealthy. Here is how grocery shopping can be done in a healthy manner.…

The Best Frugal Shopping Tips on How to Shop Smart

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Don’t shop when you are exhausted.  You will certainly end up buying things without thoughtfulness.  When you are exhausted, you impatiently search and hence don’t try buying in new stores where you don’t know where the low-cost items will be stacked.

Be prepared with alternatives when you step out for shopping.  If you have apples in your shopping list and find it to be costly, go in for oranges this time.  That is not a big deal.

Make it a habit to manage and wipe out existing old stock instead of adding new stocks of groceries.

On the day of shopping make a simple meal.  Avoid extra work like washing cleaning.  Before going out prepare at least half of the meal so that you avoid outside food to prevent wastage of food that is already available at home.

Prepare a list and have a shopping budget.  Use gift cards and coupons before they expire. Keep ready things like empty cans/bags which when returned would fetch refund.  Don’t ignore this and stock up piles of empty cans.

Don’t make multiple visits to the supermarket.  You tend to buy more when you visit more.  Make a single visit with enough pre-plan.  This will save fuel and prevent impulsive buying.

Keep your kitchen in an organized manner.  If it is so clumsy you might search for some item which you know is already available but will not be able to locate.  You will end up in buying the same item again.

Make a list of expiry dates of the stock of groceries you have on hand.  Use ‘First-in-first-out’ principle and use up things without wastage.

Learn to bake so that you cut expenses on purchase of cakes, bread, and biscuits.

Plan the meal for the week ahead.  This will prevent unnecessary buying.…