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How to Safely Test Makeup Before You Buy – A Complete Guide

Buying makeup is not a joke. There are just way too many choices and one can never be too sure if they have chosen the right product.

Some of the reasons why it gets complicated to buy such items are:

  • The minor difference in shades that just makes it almost impossible to tell the difference
  • Same shades or similar products available in different brands at different price ranges
  • The lighting at the store you are buying from will be different from the lighting in your house. Thus causing a drastic change in the way the product looks on you at the store and at home.
  • Sealed packs that can be opened only after you buy them, making it impossible for you to return them, even if it is not the one for you.

So how do you ensure you try and test these products safely before spending on them? Look out for some tried and tested tips on Here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Clean Brushes – Ensure the brushes used to apply the products on your face are clean of grime or old makeup products. When the brush is not clean, it can not only affect the texture and color of the product but spread skin related infections too
  • Right Spot – Test the makeup product on the right spot on your skin. Different parts of the body have different skin textures and colors. Testing the product on that part of the skin that is very similar to where you will use the actual product, is the safest bet.
  • Trial Session – If there is a trial makeup session offered by the store, opt for it. This will enable you to see how the entire look will work out for you. More often than not, we use one product along with others. When you test just the one product, it may seem right but change the entire look when it is combined with others.