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Bird Watching Equipment: How To Choose Binoculars

What are the best binoculars for one individual will not be for another because it boils down to comfort and preferences. Not only must the binoculars be comfortable to hold but it must be easy to use and focus. It must not strain the eyes or leave impressions on your face.

Here below are a few guidelines that might help you choose binoculars that will make bird watching a pleasure.

  1. What is your budget: Binoculars are available in all ranges and the most expensive is not necessarily the best or what you need. Decide a product based on the specific features you are looking for and then compare with other binoculars with the same features. Choose one closest to your budget because with technological advances even low-priced products are good and long lasting.
  2. Magnification: Depending on whether you have taken to bird watching only now or are a pro choose between 8X and 10X. the bigger the number the greater the distance that can be covered. The disadvantage with the 10X is that in low light the image is darker and even a minor handshake is visible. On the other hand, 8X the vision is brighter and it is easier to trace a bird.
  3. Choose clear pictures: Image quality must be a priority and cannot be overlooked. Look for sharp pictures that are true to their original colors. Ideally a good binocular must have an objective lens larger than 30mm.
  4. Comfort: You must choose a pair which can retract if you wear glasses or extend to give complete coverage. The eyecup must be adjustable and must sit comfortably on your nose without distressing your skin. If you see black rings around images then do not take that model.

NO two models will be the same hence you must try a few till you find one that is comfortable and within your budget with a good image quality and zoom. At you can read the review on various models before you go ahead and buy.…