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Tips To Stay In Shape After Tremendous Weightloss

Have you recently shed weight after putting in tremendous and soulful efforts? Most of the women grumble that they have gained weight within six months though they have managed to drop a major amount of weight from their body. And some of them have dieted number of times and have lost track of what they have achieved each time. Here are a few tips that help you stay in shape after weight loss.

Vitamin D

Studies have proven that people who started their weight loss journey with higher levels of vitamin D were able to lose more weight than those who had lower levels of this nutrient. Another source says that vitamin D can trigger leptin, a hormone which signals the brain that you are full. It is hard to get vitamin D from food source.

Avoid temptations

When you set your mood to lose weight you must avoid temptations. There are chances that your friends call you for parties where you will be offered delicious deserts. If you successfully overcome the temptation you are on the right track. The Prodiets blog has a brief review on a diet program that helps dieters remain satiated between meals. People who are tensed, anxious and impulsive were found to be heavier than people who stay calm. Some go along with the rest of the people in the group and indulge in heavy consumption. If you want to stay in shape tell your friends strictly that you are not hungry.

Chew foods

When you eat quickly you consume more than you realize. If you slow down your pattern of eating you will certainly slim down. Take time to chew foods as chewing stimulates the appetite suppressing hormone in the gut.

Outsmart your appetite

If you have cravings for chocolate you can occasionally indulge in eating them but do not blame your cravings if you do not have the will power. The only trick to control your appetite is staying away from foods that make you lose control.