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The Best Dog Toys: How to Pick the Best and Safest

Shopping for your pet dog is quite hard especially if you are new to dog ownership. Moreover, when it comes to choosing the toys for them, the options seem to be infinite and the interesting fact is that most of the pet toys are made with a purpose. Even the dogs are choosy about their toys and researchers say that there exists a science behind this attraction for particular toys.

Different types of Toys

  1. There are some soft toys that can hold your dog’s enjoyment for a longer period. This includes the flexible one added with a sound producing property. Dogs really love such things and are the main reason why you could see many squeaky toys orderly arranged in the racks of a pet store. Examples to this type include the plush type or the rubbery toys that maintain a bouncing effect.

  1. If you turn out to be a playmate for your pet dog, then your friendship makes them really engaged. You can opt for toys that grab the attention span of your pet and can gradually increase the interest of your dog in playing with these toys.

  • A great example to this toy type includes the frisbee like chewy discs or balls. You can easily throw these toys and expect your pet to get it back for you.
  • Another exciting game for your dog must be the rope toy that is used to play the tug-of-war. This involves the interactive feature that greatly boosts the brain activity of the puppets and prevents them from exhibiting bad behavior.
  • Additionally, there are treat dispensing type of toys that easily slips out and thereby keeps your pet engaged. Safe to chew toys like the perfect bone is also a good selection for keeping their mind occupied for hours.

Presently, each and everything for dogs is available in pet stores and is even categorized according to the dog breeds. For example, good harnesses for French Bulldogs are kept separately from that of the other breeds.…

How to Buy the Best Food and Improve Your Dog’s Diet

So you have brought a new puppy or a dog home, now it is time to consider his diet so he stays healthy and active.

#1 Choose As Per The Breed And Activities

Observe your dog’s level of activities, behavior, and health. Also, consider the age because puppies need more energy than adult dogs. So if it is a puppy, you need food having more calories, and for dogs, fewer calories will work fine.

#2 Check The Ingredients

Before paying the bucks, always check the ingredients used in the dog food. Dogs stay omnivores so you can choose meat based dog food too until it is allergic to it. Meat-based foods are always high in calories and give your dog sufficient energy.

If you have a dog that is allergic to meat materials, you can go grain free.  Some dogs also have allergies from grains so check that as well. To find the allergy check for the signs like scratching, vomiting, or diarrhea and take him to the vet.

#3 Eggs

You can add some eggs to your dog’s food as eggs are high in protein and fat and they are cheap too. You can add cooked eggs in several was like hard boiled, soft boiled or scrambled. Add one egg daily and it works well for the energy levels.

#4 Yogurt

Yogurt is also an inexpensive product that is highly beneficial. It is low in fat and high in protein. The different flavors of yogurt keep your dog interested in consuming it plus it helps in digestion.

#5 Fishes

Fishes are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that will keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. As per ,It is also beneficial for immune and helps in reducing any allergies and arthritis.

#7 Vegetables And Fresh Fruits

Veggies and fruits always work as a boost for everyone and so for the dogs and puppies. You can often serve your dog with veggies that are steamed and fruits too.