Inflatable Kayak Vs. Hardshell: Top Reasons To Buy An Inflatable

You go shopping for a kayak and the storekeeper would ask you whether you want an inflatable one or a hard-shell kayak. This could put you into some confusion thinking which one is the best for your use.

Why should you buy an inflatable kayak?

Here are a few points that let you know why an inflatable kayak, here at dreamguides,

may be your best choice:

  • Inflatable kayaks can easily be stored – If you plan to take your kayak with you when you are traveling then the inflatable kayak is your best bet. This is because you can store them in your bag as it hardly takes any space. You can deflate the kayak and pack it in your bag and store it in the closet. There is absolutely no trouble carrying it around.
  • It can be easily transported – With a hard-shell kayak, the only option would be to tie it on your car and that too with help. When you, however, buy an inflatable kayak you can put it in your backpack or into the trunk of your car easily. You can thus carry your kayak wherever you want, even when you are flying to a foreign country. So save yourself some money without having to rent a kayak when you want to go kayaking at your holiday destination.
  • Inflatable kayaks are rugged–There is today many inflatable kayaks that are rugged and will last for a long time. These are made out of high-quality material so you do not need to bother about the sturdiness of the kayak. These can easily withstand the waters and are not meant to be used as toys anymore.
  • Cheaper than the hard-shell kayak- If you want something that is economical then the inflatable kayak is your best bet. The cost of the inflatable one is not very high and thus best suited for those who want to use the kayak for recreation.