The Best Frugal Shopping Tips on How to Shop Smart

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Don’t shop when you are exhausted.  You will certainly end up buying things without thoughtfulness.  When you are exhausted, you impatiently search and hence don’t try buying in new stores where you don’t know where the low-cost items will be stacked.

Be prepared with alternatives when you step out for shopping.  If you have apples in your shopping list and find it to be costly, go in for oranges this time.  That is not a big deal.

Make it a habit to manage and wipe out existing old stock instead of adding new stocks of groceries.

On the day of shopping make a simple meal.  Avoid extra work like washing cleaning.  Before going out prepare at least half of the meal so that you avoid outside food to prevent wastage of food that is already available at home.

Prepare a list and have a shopping budget.  Use gift cards and coupons before they expire. Keep ready things like empty cans/bags which when returned would fetch refund.  Don’t ignore this and stock up piles of empty cans.

Don’t make multiple visits to the supermarket.  You tend to buy more when you visit more.  Make a single visit with enough pre-plan.  This will save fuel and prevent impulsive buying.

Keep your kitchen in an organized manner.  If it is so clumsy you might search for some item which you know is already available but will not be able to locate.  You will end up in buying the same item again.

Make a list of expiry dates of the stock of groceries you have on hand.  Use ‘First-in-first-out’ principle and use up things without wastage.

Learn to bake so that you cut expenses on purchase of cakes, bread, and biscuits.

Plan the meal for the week ahead.  This will prevent unnecessary buying.